Honda joined SEGA to jointly create a Civic that was specially dedicated to one of the greatest symbols of video games, the Sonic hedgehog. Icon of a generation created in the 80s and 90s, Sonic became famous for his enormous speed and the ability to ruin the plans of the evil Doctor Robotnik, gaining notoriety alongside other figures of the time like Mario and Zelda, before emergence of many other names like Crash Bandicoot or Lara Croft. So to celebrate the legendary character in the year in which he celebrates his 25th birthday, Honda decided to create a special version of the new Civic, based on a 1.5 Turbo engine, which was unveiled at Comic-Con in San Diego, USA. . It was at this convention of everything related to comic books, cult series and animation that Honda unveiled the customized Civic. The exposed model was based on the adventures of Sonic and had the ‘hand’ of the Fox Marketing Cars, who led the design and the process of modifications, like the specific wheels with two colors (red like the shoes of the hedgehog and gold as the rings of gold collection), custom exterior vinyl and specific paint, Blue Katzkin leather seats, logos for the 25th anniversary of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ and a Rockford Fosgate infotainment system, mounted in the trunk with two 500-watt subwoofers and 10-inch each, two 400-watt amplifiers and a television mounted inside the trunk to play the game.


After a five-year wait, 2015 sees the arrival of the hottest hatch in the world, the Honda Civic Type-R. Announced as a “race car for the streets,” the new Civic Type-R will set new standards for the front-wheel drive hot hatch segment. The production version will be unveiled for the first time at the 85th Geneva Motor Show (March 5-15). The Type-R vehicles have attracted attention by being worshiped around the world and the new model is more than live up to these high expectations. The use of the new 2.0-liter VTEC TURBO engine, aggressive styling and groundbreaking chassis technologies are combined for the first time in the new Civic Type-R to deliver one of the most immersive and rewarding driving experiences available today in any segment. The new Civic Type-R 2015 will be powered by the most extreme and high-performance engine of the 22-year history of the red ‘H’ emblem, signaling the start of a new era of high-performance Honda brand.

The new 2.0-liter VTEC TURBO engine

At the heart of the Civic Type-R is the new 2.0-liter turbocharger VTEC TURBO gasoline engine that delivers power, torque and performance in unmatched numbers in the front-wheel drive hot hatch segment. The peak power is 310 hp at 6,500 rpm, and the peak torque is 400 Nm at 2,500 rpm – both higher than that of any other Honda Type-R model. When it reaches the 7,000 rpm red mark, the engine (part of the new generation Honda Earth Dreams Technology series) features a new and advanced turbocharger with VTEC technology that increases final torque and delivers continuous acceleration. The stunning performance of the Civic Type-R is unique in the front-wheel-drive hot-hatch segment: acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is achieved in just 5.7 seconds – making it the hot-hatch with faster acceleration front- and the maximum speed, where allowed, is category leader, 270 km / h. The new engine is coupled to a soft six-speed manual transmission, ensuring a rewarding and intimate connection with the drivetrain, and power is directed by the front wheels.

Functionality dictates the form

The unique modifications in the Civic Type-R style give the car an aggressive attitude, however, almost all have a functional purpose. The dynamically efficient and smooth design reflects a car designed for high performance. The focus on aerodynamics ensured stability at high speeds and high levels of downforce. To achieve this goal, the Civic Type-R underwent exhaustive analysis, testing and aerodynamic developments. The development team pursued its objectives relentlessly through DCF (Computational Fluid Dynamics) models in computers and wind tunnel testing at Honda’s automotive sports facilities in Sakura, Japan; home of the development of the Honda Formula One engine. This development work has been validated through extensive testing of prototypes both on the streets and on tracks, including the Suzuka Formula 1 circuit, the Nürburgring Nordschleife and the company test track in Takasu. A new, almost completely flat, lower part of the vehicle aids the air passage and is combined with a rear diffuser to optimize downforce – ‘gluing’ the car on the asphalt effectively.  The rear wing was recreated from the Type-R Concept. The airfoil structures – their angle, height and shape, as well as their vertical end plates – were carefully constructed to optimize aerodynamic pressure without causing a significant increase in drag at high speeds. This assists in improving its grip on the track, particularly in high speed corners.

A large front splitter and aerodynamic side skirts also manage airflow and reduce lift, while the front bumper is designed specifically to restrain the turbulence caused by air around the front wheels, increasing stability at high speeds and reducing aerodynamic support. The management of the high temperatures was another central point for the design team, influencing several important modifications in the external design. Upper and lower grilles on the front bumper allow a larger volume of cooling air to enter the engine compartment. The airflow is channeled to overhead diffusers in the fenders and air intakes of the extended front wheel arches to provide better cooling and ventilation to the high performance engine. New 19-inch high rigidity alloy wheels, unique to the Type-R, complement the visual changes. The set is complemented by 235 / 35R19 tires specially developed for the model. To help the driver control the extraordinary power, the car is equipped with a Brembo brake package high performance developed especially for him. On the front, room-piston calipers exert a braking force on the discs 350 mm beaded. The Type-R is available in five distinct colors that give the bold new style a greater visual impact. In addition to the Championship White – shared with successive generations of the iconic models Type R – consumers can even choose from the colors Crystal Black (pearlescent), Polished Metal (metal), Sporty Brilliant Blue (metallic) and Milano Red.

A cabin with a sporting environment

A series of aesthetic and functional improvements in the cab reinforces the sporty character of the Type-R. As with previous models, the shift lever handle is made of machined aluminum. Sports seats with high back, with black fabric finish and suede effect with red double stitching, give the driver and passenger of the front seat a wide lateral support in the tightest corners. The red double stitching is also present on the black leather steering wheel trim and the black shift lever cover. The ceiling lining finishes in black fabric, providing a wider environment. New suspension technology for smoother driving A series of new Type-R exclusive suspension systems have been introduced to produce rewarding driving and maximize power transfer. A new four-point Adaptive Cushioning System specially developed for the Type-R allows continuous independent control of each wheel to deliver exceptional adhesion to the asphalt, a limitation of load transfer on wheels in sharp accelerations and decelerations, and the maintenance of a smooth and stable journey. This also means that day-to-day journeys and longer journeys are more comfortable and smooth.

An advanced Double Axle Front Suspension system helps reduce acceleration slippage by 50 percent compared to the Civic’s standard suspension configuration, improving stability at high speeds, corner curves and steering wheel feel. At the rear, the H-beam torsion suspension is tailor-made to improve 180% rear roll rigidity, further perfecting high-speed cornering stability. These systems are complemented by a Double Pinion Power Steering that helps deliver a quick and linear steering response, plus the feeling of great control. New + R mode increases response for driving with more excitement The new Civic Type-R will mark the debut of the new ‘+ R’ button which increases the response speed of various chassis and drivetrain systems. The result is an even more intense driving experience, ideal for the slopes and certainly enjoyed by enthusiasts for genuine sports driving. When the + R mode is activated, the motor response is increased with the modified torque mapping to a performance-oriented setting and greater aggressiveness. The steering assist is reduced and the steering wheel is more responsive to the driver’s commands, and the basic damping force of the new four-point Adaptive Damping System is increased by 30%. This means firmer, more responsive driving behavior for high-performance driving.
New GT Package Offers Additional Improvements

Consumers will have the option to customize their new Civic Type-R with the new GT Package. Externally, it prints its signature on red highlights on the front splitters and rear diffusers for even greater visual impact, but it is from under the skin that the most significant GT Package improvements will be found. The driver will also benefit from extra comfort features such as front and rear parking sensors, twilight sensor, automatic windscreen wipers with rain sensors and electric folding of mirrors. Integrated Garmin satellite navigation (including four years of free map update) is added to the Honda Connect system. Audiofilos will be captivated by the CD player and a premium sound system with eight speakers and 320 watts of power. All occupants will appreciate the automatic dual zone air conditioning control and the sophistication of the cabin enhanced with a red ambient light. The GT Package also includes Honda’s Advanced Driver Assist Systems. It is a comprehensive set of security technologies based on Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition system, High-Beam Support System, Blind Spot Information, and Traffic Traffic Monitor. Honda’s City-Brake Active system will come standard with the Civic Type-R. The new Honda Civic Type-R will hit stores in Europe starting this summer. Full specifications of the vehicle will be announced in due course.


The  Honda Civic Type-R  is one of the best-performing compact cars at the moment, as we have seen for the past year. The model only came on the market with the compact body, omitting the Tourer version of the model. But Synchro Motorsport wanted that to change and set out to create its own Honda Civic Tourer Type-R. This family sports car will not be produced nor reach the dealers, because it is a unique creation. A 2013 Civic Tourer body was used and all elements of the current Type-R were added. This includes the transplant of the powerful turbocharged 2.0 VTEC engine and the six-speed manual transmission. Thanks to this, this unique vehicle can produce 310 hp and 400 Nm. With these credentials, its performance will be close to the compact version, which can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 270 km / h. To make it look like the one under the hood, the Type-R aerodynamic kit was adapted to both the front and sides. At the rear the four exhaust ports on the rear diffuser stand out, but the large airfoil that equips the compact has been dispensed with. The body was painted in a flashy black matte, color shared with the wheels. These were also taken directly from the Type-R, and are 19 inches and go sideways by 325/35 R19 tires. To brake this particular Honda Civic Tourer Type-R, the sports brakes signed by Brembo appear, as well as suspension adjustments to improve its behavior.


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